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In some situations, it is necessary to prove the paternity of a child before the child is born. 

Chorionic villus sampling (CVS) is a medical procedure that is typically performed at 10-12 weeks gestational age. In this procedure a sampling of the placental tissue is taken and tested.   

The Amniocentesis sampling is a medical procedure that is typically performed at 15+ weeks gestational age.  In this procedure fetal cells from the amniotic fluid are used to perform a cytogenetic analysis.

To complete paternity testing, a buccal swab sample is also required from the mother and alleged father in both procedures.

The CVS and Amniocentesis procedures must be performed by an OB/GYN.  Dad Test works with a network of experienced physicians and genetic counselors across the country who will meet with you to explain the procedures and risks involved, and provide the services you need at your convenience and in complete confidence.

Call one of our Case Managers at 1-877-DAD-TEST to find out more information on Prenatal Paternity Testing, or to arrange an appointment today.

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