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You're having a baby! Congratulations!

Is it a boy or a a girl?

Everyone wants to know, whether it is to begin planning the nursery, picking a name, or just to enjoy shopping for clothes!

Until recently, the fun of planning for your baby's arrival had to wait until after an ultrasound could take a peek to see whether a boy or girl was in your future. Now, however, we can tell you much, much earlier.

Why wait until 20 weeks to know your baby's gender, when you can now know as early as 11 weeks!

Get to know your baby...starting now! Call us for more information, or click here to request a kit!


Highly specialized genetic research laboratories have found that there is DNA from the baby floating in it's mother's bloodstream, allowing researchers to test for a number of conditions...including gender. Here at the Center for Medical Genetics, we specialize in bringing the latest in these technological advances to you.

The accuracy of this testing is unsurpassed. We use the same techniques used in the finest research genetic laboratories, and the using a unique patented approach, we are able to achieve amazingly high accuracy rates never before available, with an accuracy rate over 98%!

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