How do I begin the paternity testing process?

First you must decide how you would like to have your samples collected.

If you desire a non-legally binding test that is completely confidential, you may request that a self-collection kit be mailed to you for $198. You may collect the samples yourself, and return them to us for processing. You can contact our office to request a kit or also order a kit online to be mailed to your home for a small shipping fee of $10.00. Each kit tests two people. There is an additional charge for each added person.

If you need a legally binding test, call Generation® Dad Test™ to arrange your appointment by calling toll-free at 1-877-DAD-TEST (877-323-8378) or locally in the Houston area at 713-790-1990, or you may email us. A member of the Dad Test™ Client Services Department will assist you in initiating the testing process and set up your appointment at your convenience.