If you are looking for an accurate, conclusive, and confidential paternity testing, the Generation® Dad Test™ delivers the information you need.


Generation® Dad Test™ DNA Identification testing is used by anyone needing the most accurate DNA paternity tests available for legal, personal, or medical reasons, including:

  • A woman seeking child support
  • A man attempting to win child custody
  • Adoptive children seeking their biological families
  • Someone wanting to determine inheritance rights
  • Someone wanting to establish a medical history
  • Someone needing immigration or citizenship determination

What is DNA identification testing?

DNA testing is the most conclusive way of identifying people ever developed. In the testing process, DNA, the genetic material that a child inherits from its biological parents, is tested. If the tested man (potential father) does not have genetic characteristics necessary to be the biological father of the child, he is excluded. If the tested man’s DNA does contain those genetic characteristics, then the probability that this man is the true biological father is calculated and reported by the laboratory.

How accurate is DNA paternity testing?

Paternity testing involves testing the DNA of both the potential father and child to see how compatible their test results are. If the potential father and child’s DNA are compatible on each segment of DNA examined, the probability that he is the biological father is typically over 99.99%. If there are any segments of DNA studied which do not match, the man is excluded as being the biological father. The Dad Test™ delivers the most accurate paternity test results available.

How do I begin the paternity testing process?

First you must decide how you would like to have your samples collected.

  • If you desire a non-legally binding test (results are not needed for legal purposes) that is completely confidential, you may request that a self-collection kit be mailed to you for $198.00. You may collect the samples yourself, and return them to us for processing. You can contact our office for your kit  to be mailed to your home. Each kit tests two people. There is an additional charge for each added person.
  • Call Generation® Dad Test™ to arrange your appointment by calling toll-free at 1-877-DAD-TEST (877-323-8378) or locally in the Houston area at 713-790-1990, or you may email us. A member of the Dad Test™ Client Services Department will assist you in initiating the DNA paternity testing process and set up your appointment at your convenience.