We offer genetics testing,  genetics telemedicine, and free pregnancy tests through the convenience of your personal physician’s office.

That’s why we  offer a full range of prenatal testing options, plus TeleCounseling™.

You deserve the happiness that the genetic tests that the Center for Medical Genetics can deliver.

We offer a full range of testing options to support your pregnancy needs, including free pregnancy tests. Learn about your pregnancy testing options. shutterstock_155720759

If you have a family history of cancer, we can help you understand the risks with DNA testing. Learn if you have a cancer predisposition. f1a515f90438470c_shutterstock_80427556.preview
A new era of personalized medicine, including pharmacogenomics, can help treat a host of serious diseases. Learn how your genes respond to medicine. genomics
Accurately determine ID for paternity and immigration purposes. Learn how testing offers certainty and peace of mind. dad with son