shutterstock_170882042If you’ve ever tried a medicine that didn’t work or caused you side effects, you know that medicines don’t work the same for everyone. Your genes influence the way your body responds to specific medicines. Pharmacogenomics can help.

Who should get a test?

Anyone who wants to learn about their genes should consider getting a Center for Medical Genetics test. In particular, people who are concerned about their health, people who have started or are considering taking certain prescription medicines, and people who are planning to have children or expecting a baby may benefit the most from a Center for Medical Genetics test.

We have a solution called Pharmacogenomics

When you’re on a medicine that doesn’t match your genetics, you could have unwanted side effects or not be helped by the medicine. The good news is that now the Center for Medical Genetics can perform genetic testing and help your healthcare provider select the medications that are more likely to work better for you.

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Today we have test available for:

  • depression, anxiety and other behavioral health conditions
  • acute and chronic pain
  • attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), attention deficit disorder (ADD) and narcolepsy

Here’s how it works:

  1. Contact our office to schedule an appointment.
  2. A cheek swab is used to collect cells that contain your DNA.
  3. Your sample is then delivered to our state of the art lab, where DNA testing is performed.
  4. In 36 hours your report is ready for your healthcare provider.

Your healthcare provider will share your Center for Medical Genetics report with you and select the medications that doses that are best suited to your genetic profile. If you’re ready to get truly personalized medicine that is right for you, contact us today.