What happens during a prenatal genetic testing and counseling session?

Your genetic counselor can help you understand the genetic risks to your baby and your testing options. You decide which testing, if any, you’d like to have. During a genetic counseling session and depending on your situation, the genetic counselor may:

  • Create a family tree
  • Tell you the genetic risk(s) of your current pregnancy, based on the information you provide and the medical records your doctor provides
  • Discuss any genetic condition(s) identified in your family
  • Discuss standard prenatal test and procedure options based on the genetic risk(s) identified
  • Discuss your Family History Questionnaire.
  • Decide if specific tests are in your best interest, including Down syndrome tests, gender determination, or other prenatal genetic testing. (Most of these tests are non-invasive forms of prenatal testing.)

If you believe that prenatal genetic testing or spending time with a genetic counselor is in the best interest of your and your baby, contact the Center for Medical Genetics today!